The „bat-radio“ is a project for making the bats more accessable for people who are interested in bats, but still do not own a bat receiver.

Bat-Radio vor dem Einbaubat receiver board and FM-transmitter (with plug for cigarette lighters)

The bat-radio needs to be placed near a site, where bats can often be seen hunting. A bat-receiver converts the echolocation calls to audible „noise“, which is being transmitted on the FM band by a small FM-transmitter (normally being used for transmitting the output of an MP3-player to a car radio). An ideal site would be accessable by the public, while power is being provided by a nearby house-owner and bat-fan. A visitor only needs to bring along a portable FM radio (f.e. often included in cell-phones).

Meanwhile we got good results with our first „bat-radio“ in Kiel – bats could be heard over a range of about 30m. There will probably more stations coming soon…

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