gps-based bat-survey

Idea: making bat-detector surveys visible on a map, using software for reducing time consuming work on the data. Minimal costs should make it possible for everyone to create such maps.

Implementation: a software for an obsolete (but still working) Palm PDA allows it to store observations with just a single touch. During the survey a GPS receiver is writing an automatic track-log. A PC-based software later combines the observer-log and the track-log, interpolating the GPS position of each observation.

<description>fp, 2.4.11 18:26:23, hunt, 1</description>
<Point><coordinates>10.0659890379757, 54.3437119759619</coordinates>
<description>fp, 2.4.11 18:27:19, hunt, 1</description>
<Point><coordinates>10.0678700208664, 54.3447950016707</coordinates>

typical KML-file

KML-file data being displayed on a map

the Palm application


Windows-software with sample files:

  • otl-demo.txt – sample data (recorded by Palm application)
  • demo.gpx – track-log (recorded by Garmin GPS)
  • parsegpx.rb – conversion software (ruby source)
  • parsegpx.exe – executable conversion software
  • demo.kml – resulting KML-file

Command line call: parsegpx.exe -o otl-demo.txt -t demo.gpx -k demo.kml

Without Google Maps the data can be viewed in a browser by visiting this website:

Update: I figured out how to display the data as overlay on Open Street Map (and will publish the software soon). Example: OSM-Karte

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