hibernation sites

The Levensau bridge over the Kiel Kanal is an important hibernation site for bats not only from Kiel. Noctules were the first ones being discovered here, but some more bat species (also very rare ones) are using the bridge for hibernation, too.

Other sites in Kiel are located below the ground. These are tunnel-like installations, built around 1943 as shelters against air-raids. These „tunnels“ are mainly used by myotis daubentonii (above picture).

Some hundred noctules are using our artificial „caves“ located in the forests and parks in Kiel. Based on observations in November 2011 and the weather forecast for November 2012 we estimated the date when the noctules would move into these boxes. It worked – on two evenings we set up video equipment and could record noctules arriving and swarming at theses boxes. Peak activity was between 18:00 and 18:30 local time. Actually this was not the final „moving in“ event – data from the installed loggers did show that the bats finally moved in even a few days after our recordings:

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