microbat board

The „microbat“ board is just an attempt to make a low-cost simulator for ultrasonic sound that may sound similar to bat-calls. The real echolocation calls are very complex, but at least this board may help to check and adjust bat detectors and we will also check, if we can direct bats closer to nets (it may already be ok, when bats are being attracted by the strange noise).

Programming call patterns is rather easy. There is a framework (for C and Basic) and the call is defined by setting a frequency and a time delay – example:

void simple_call() {
  for (i=0; i<15; i++) {
    set_freq (10); delay_ms (1);
    set_freq (14); delay_ms (1);
  pause= (rand() >> 5) + 200;
  delay_ms (pause);

Currently there is a DIP-switch for configuring one of eight calls. There will soon be a board available, so that we can build some more copies for field-tests.


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