nightvision videos

All videos have been recorded with Nitemax night vision devices while the sound has been recorded with various heterodyning receivers. Have fun and leave feedback if you like them…

Pipistrellus pipistrellus hunting in the twilight – try to count them 🙂 The recording was made in April (still no leaves on the tree in the background).

Some Nyctalus noctulae leaving their natural cave in a high tree (I had to use a tele-lens)

pipistrelles at their box.

„water bats“ (Myotis daubentonii) at a narrow stream.

Myotis daubentonii again, left audio channel heterodyning receiver, right audiochannel time expansion.

This video has been recorded with tube-based nightvision-device, which was pointing towards the Levensau bat-bridge.

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